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Agios Andreas is a settlement near Katakolon port and is situated on the site of ancient Pheia at a bay of particular natural beauty .Ancient Pheia was sunk after a destructive earthquake in the 6th century AD and today lies submerged in the sea . Ideal place for snorkeling.
Opposite the area of Agios Andreas are situated two small islets Myticas and Tyganonisi. Both destinations are suitable for diving , snorkeling and swimming .It is a beautiful and attractive rocky area with turquoise waters  approached only by boat .The outstanding  natural beauty after the earthquake is breathtaking.
The islet of Tiganonisi is also home to many seaguls which makes it ideal to take  pictures and explore the wild  stunning  seabed .
Nisakoulia bay  or Icthys cape is an area with natural beauty and is located at the cape of Katakolon .It is a magical  rocky place ideal for snorkeling as the sea bottom is full of different kind of fish or shells and of course swimming in the calm crystal clear waters will be an unforgettable experience .Don’t miss a body treatment with natural clay emerged from the area.
Mercury cove is a private place surrounded by lash plantation of pine trees and with the combination of the rocky formation make the area unique .Early in the morning the view is out of this world as the colours play with the sun rays .Behind Mercury cove there is one of the most famous wineries of Greece .So during our private cruise you will have to enjoy a bottle of Mercury wine.
The local tour can last from 3 to 5 hours
Snorkeling gear is provided as well as light  snack ,a bottle of wine ,fresh fruit and cold water. Be sure that you will enjoy a friendly and hospitable private cruise with me Dimitrios the captain and my wife Victoria the hostess to make sure you will have a luxury service on board .We will be pleased to be the ones who will guide you around in a friendly and unforgettable way .Our services are tailored to your needs and interests always ensuring your comfort and safety .Depending on the time you have to spend ,the weather conditions and what you want to see and experience we will design the perfect itinerary for you.



A tour to the protected area of the national park of the turtles Carreta –Carreta in the bay of Laganas. You will have the chance to see from close quarters these incredible turtles and take a lot of photos .
Marathonisi is a picturesque turle shaped island that lies in the middle of the Bay of Laganas floating like a turtle in the sparkling seasThis mythical island has no inhabitants and it is one of the major nesting grounds of the Careta Careta Turtles and is heavily protected by the National Marine part of Zante.You can swim and walk close to the nesting area..
A tour to the famous Caves.A fantastic place that is famous worldwide . The stunning rock formation in the southern region are famous for being surrounded  in bright blue and sapphire waters.Its beauty is out of this world. Swim inside the caves to explore the incredible rocky formations of nature . Ideal place for taking under water photos.
Keri area is the ultimate destination for calm and relaxation as you will swim and dive in marvelous sea bottoms in spotless bays.The calm and crystal waters make this area a must for any experienced swimmer or diver who will appreciate beauty .
Porto Roma is a long strip very special because of the very blue waters. This little rocky fishing cove is very picturesque and it is a location ideal for lunch at a traditional Greek taverna . You can try fresh fish and various greek dishes .We will visit this place if you wish to have a lunch.




The most famous beach of the Mediterranean , located in the west coast of Zante and can only be reached by boat .With bright white pebble sand and extraordinary blue turquoise waters the beach AT Navagio is quite out of this world!Towering white cliffs dwarf the beach at Shipwreck Bay  where a stranded wreck
lies washed up in the middle of the beach .Approaching the beach is a once in –a lifetime experience .You will be able to swim in the cool turquoise waters and explore the wreckage of the boat which has been engraved with hundreds of names of visitors since the ship washed up n 1983.
Visit  Keri area



  We visit the world famous beach Antisami  with a unique beauty and crystal clear waters is about 2 hours from Katakolo port .It became also famous after the shooting of the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.The whole area is surrounded by trees which touch the sea .The whole area is untouched and  virgin .Then we visit Sami which is the village of Kefalonia .There you will have time to have lunch , coffee or go shopping. Upon request you can visit the famous lake of Melissani. Melissani  Lake is approachable only by bus with an extra cost. Then we come back to our destination .


In the prices are included : The Captain ,Fuel ,Vat, Insurance,(fresh water, a bottle of wine ,juice ,a light snack and snorkeling gear ).



2 hours from Katakolo port

  Worldwide famous as the home of Odysseus , Ithaca symbolizes the  return to haven as described in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. You will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters of  Ithaka’s  coastline .As we will sail up towards the capital  of  Vathi  look out for dolphins .We will stop at the picturesque Vathi  for lunch or coffee .Then we come back to our destination.

   In the prices are included :The Captain ,Fuel ,Vat, Insurance,(fresh water, a bottle of wine, juice, a light snack and snorkeling gear).

The prices for all the above tours with our boats are for 5 people in total .For any extra person the cost is 50 euro.

All the cruises start from Katakolo port but  upon request we can depart from any port such as Kilini port, Palouki ,Zakynthos etc. Also all the cruises are carried out weather permitted .In different case you will be informed by our company one or two days in advance.


                                                 EXTRA  CRUISES UPON REQUEST.

        We can arrange any other DAILY or WEEKLY cruises in the IONION ISLANDS        with  depending your demands.

For  example:

A.     You can organize a cruise with accommodation into the yacht or in a hotel in front of the Ionion sea.

B.      We can organise a party or a reception in a big or a smaller yacht .

C.      What about a barbecue party down on the beach?After some swimming barbecue feast is a must.

D.     We also offer fishing tours

E.      We take up big groups to any island of the Ionian sea.

F.       If you wish to visit an island at the Aegean sea we have boats in Athens.


The boats that we use are mainly Rib Speed  Boats of 10m length .They both have 2 power engines of 250hp each. The cruising speed is about 30 to 35 miles per hour.


If you need some more information and details about our private cruises we will be glad to help you .

You can visit our page on Trip Advisor to see photos of the boats and our tours.

     Best Regards

     Dimitrios  and Victoria

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